There was a time when simply being involved in social media seemed risky to an iGaming affiliate. Now, social media success is virtually compulsory to make it in this industry.

But there are still a few things that seem “risky” about social media such that most affiliates would never dare do these things. Here are seven social media risks most iGaming affiliates are too afraid to take!

1. Jokes. The number one fear of the average person is speaking in public. Number two is death! So you’ve got to give credit to any successful stand-up comedian. What they do isn’t easy. Similarly, using social media to tell jokes can seem completely terrifying. There’s some upside for sure, but also looming is the huge downside of a failed joke attempt!

2. Sharing competitor content. Some affiliates will do anything to avoid linking or giving credit to a competing portal. But this “hoarding” mentality of doing business is over with. Give your readers value and flaunt your self of self-assurance by unabashedly linking to great competitor content when it surfaces.

3. Giving employees a long social media leash. Most employers are terrified at the possible consequences from giving employees extensive freedom with company social media channels. Who knows what terrifying things they might say?! The American Red Cross learned this the hard way recently when one of their employees, not realizing they weren’t tweeting from their own personal account, tweeted about drinking beer with the hashtag #gettinglizzard. It’s important to have clear expectations and boundaries in place letting employees take control of company social media efforts!

4. User-generated content. One notch higher on the social media riskiness scale than granting your employees influence over your social media is letting your users do the same. User-generated content is a double-edged sword. When it works, it can be an incredibly valuable and cost-effective addition to your affiliate business. However, when it backfires, it can leave your brand tarnished through the association of bad user-generated content. Encourage your users to submit content, but make sure you’re the one with the final say before it goes to publication!

5. Giving away your affiliate secrets to success. Being a successful affiliate sometimes feels like being on the inside of a valuable secret. There seems to be an incentive to keep quiet about how much money can be made off of casino affiliate programs. But think about how much attention you might receive through social media by giving all of those secrets away!

6. Being controversial. Affiliates and business-people in general take a default approach of being non-controversial. Sometimes it’s best to take a precisely opposite approach and embrace controversy. Nothing catches fire in social media more quickly than a great controversy. But it’s a risk to run with any such opportunity.

7. Unrelated content. Ever think about tweeting to your poker followers a link to an article about the death penalty? Probably not. It seems risky to broadcast unrelated content on social media, but it’s a risk that can sometimes bring your community of players even closer together!

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