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Former Resorts World CEO Targeted By Nevada Gaming Regulators

Former Resorts World Presidet and CEO Scott Sibella is the target of a complaint made by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) this week related to the scandal surrounding MLB star Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara. According to the NGCB, Resorts World allowed Wayne Nix to funnel money from the illegal sports betting operation Mizuhara played at through market accounts at the Las Vegas casino.

While it’s unclear if Nix and Sibella had a personal relationship, the NGCB complaint suggests that Sibella was aware that the illegal bookmaker was using illicit funds to gamble at Resorts World. Not only did Nix gamble at Resorts World, but he was regularly given high roller treatment at the MGM Grand when Sibella was the top executive there. That special treatment included golf trips with the casinos executive team and comped meals and rooms.

Under Sibella’s leadership, Resorts World and MGM Resorts operated under an attitude of leniency and casual compliance to the regulations governing Nevada casinos, the NGCB alleges. “Sibella failed to comply with MGM Resorts International’s anti-money laundering policy and failed to comply with MGM Grand’s internal controls that required Sibella to report suspicious activities regarding Nix,” the report reads.

Sibella’s troubles go far beyond these most recent allegations. Next week he faces sentencing for allowing illicit funds to be gambled at MGM Resorts during his time as CEO there. Most sources suggest that he won’t actually be incarcerated and will only face probation. But as the NGCB investigation ramps up, things are likely to get much worse for the disgraced casino executive.