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Using Instagram to Snare Conversions and Boost Your Brand

Is Instagram a good fit for casino affiliates?

While the popular photo sharing service may seem like a stretch for publishers in the gambling business, it might not be as big a stretch as it first appears. After all, Instagram offers your brand a great opportunity to reach new audiences, promote your value propositions, and establish a brand identity.

While all of the aforementioned benefits of Instagram are possible, casino affiliates should not look at this – or any other – social media channel as something you can set on autopilot and forget about. Building a meaningful social media presence is an ongoing effort that includes an emphasis on the effort part.

Here are a few tips for taming the wilds of Instagram into a fertile field of conversions.

Be Different

What is it that sets your operation apart from every other poker/slots/sports betting affiliate on the planet? Are you the bonus king? Are you the analytics experts? You’ve got something and everyone on Instagram needs to know about it.

While you might not always find the perfect photo to express how different you are from the competition, you can usually cobble together an infographic or meme that shouts out message. You may have to tax your artistic skills a bit, or maybe just hand it over to the folks at Fiver.

Either way, you to stand out from the pack.

Develop a Personality

Your Instagram account should have a personality and that personality should include a fair amount of fun or humor or anything that isn’t business-related. You don’t want to overdo it on the silly stuff, but you also want your followers to know that there’s actually a human behind the account.


As is the case with all social media, you’re better off not having an Instagram account than having one that isn’t updated very often – abandoned digital properties are a bad look for any outfit.

But if you’re willing to put in the time, Instagram can be a powerful tool in your digital arsenal.