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Marketing Performance Management: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Marketing performance management is a great way to help maximize your marketing ROI. If you're looking for marketing boost, this is something you need to know. ... Read more

Could Google "Knowledge Vault" Be The Future Of Search?

Google is constantly on the lookout for new and more effective ways to deliver their search engine results. In fact, when we look at the core of their mission, "ranking websites according to their relevance" is nowhere to be found. ... Read more

Keep Your Mobile Players In-App Through Gamification

Mobile players are tough to convert but easy to lose. Here are a few tips for keeping your mobile audience interested through gamification. ... Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Next Big Thing is Here

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about getting players from point A to point B. Here are a few tips for turning your conversion rate into something to brag about. ... Read more

Newest Mobile Gambling Insights: Payments, Trends and Marketing

Quite recently, our friends over at FC Business Intelligence published a really interesting paper featuring an interview with three experts, asking them timely questions about the iGaming mobile market. ... Read more

How to Make Sure Bing Displays the Correct Title for Your Web Page

You can never be sure that the title you've meticulously picked for your page is going to appear in the Bing search results. Bing tends to alter it whenever they see fit. ... Read more

How to Truly Measure Your Social Media Results

Although social media has become one of the main elements of our online lives, many affiliate marketers in the iGaming space don't know how to effectively measure their results. ... Read more

There's No Excuse for Not Using Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC is cutting edge marketing tool that can seriously boost conversions - so why aren't more affiliates embracing it? Here are a few facts about mobile ppc that might make you a believer. ... Read more

Are You Ready for Some Revenue? NFL Football is Officially Here

NFL football is the biggest game in the United States and a great opportunity for sports betting affiliates. Here are some content tips and promotions to help you mind this massive opportunity. ... Read more

Are Direct Response Ads a Viable Facebook Strategy?

Increasing brand awareness and conversion through Facebook advertising is all about presenting your products and a clear CTA. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of this challenging advertising environment. ... Read more
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