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When’s the Best Time to Buy Paid Social Media Traffic?

Opportunities to purchase paid social media traffic are all over the place these days, but when is the optimal time to take advantage of these offers?

If you’re like most casino affiliates, large or small, you’re working with a limited marketing budget and definitely want to make the most of every dollar you’re spending. That’s why purchasing paid social media traffic is something that should only be done when it takes you down the road to qualified leads.

The right time for paid traffic was the subject of a recent blog from content marketing guru Neil Patel. According to Patel, who stresses that he’s talking about paid traffic not fake followers, this practice is very effective when used in targeted situations like the following.

You’re Just Getting Started

Running a successful online business is an incredibly tough job, but starting one from scratch is even tougher. That’s why paid traffic is a good use of marketing dollars for brand new businesses.

Boosting social media traffic is an excellent method for boosting overall site traffic but getting those eyeballs on your content is a major task. Paid traffic offers a catalyst to existing content marketing efforts and is definitely a worthwhile use of precious marketing dollars.

When You’re Looking to Branch Out

No matter how established your business is, you should always be looking to break into new demographics and that’s heavy lift that paid traffic can make a little lighter.

Face it, you know who wants to see your content, or you should anyways. What you don’t know is who else is out there that might be interested in it but has never been on your radar at all. Once again, this is a situation where targeted paid traffic can be a godsend.

When to Say ‘No’
If you’re already generating a fair amount of traffic, you might want to focus on generating more quality traffic and conversions, and that’s one of paid traffic’s weak spots.

Paid traffic is more about herding eyeball and not all of them are going to be high quality. If you’re already generating a respectable amount of traffic, it’s time to focus on conversions instead of volume.

(Photo by Mark Fischer)