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Develop Social Media Content That End-Users Actually Want to See

Social media has long been framed as something of a promised land for web publishers, especially casino affiliates. The story, as it’s told, is that all you have to do is start posting on sites like Facebook and Instagram and before you know it you’ll be interacting with potential customers all day long. The truth, however, isn’t quite so simple.

Creating social media engagement isn’t quite as simple as, “build it and they will come,” but it’s also not exactly rocket science either. The key to success in this arena of digital content combat is creating dynamic content that pops off from the page in a way that can feel different from traditional text. Here are a few tips you should as suggested by Search Engine Journal writer, Kunjal Panchal.

The most important aspect of creating engaging social media content is creating content that’s visually arresting. Social media is not a text only format. Pictures, memes, and graphics of all kinds are the content that people are sharing. Very few people will sit through a Facebook post that reads like a Wall Street Journal article and even fewer will actually share that kind of post.

Coming up with dynamic graphics isn’t always easy (and it isn’t always cheap) but high quality stock photos are definitely worth the investment. Cheap looking photos are worth about as much as you paid for them and are not a good look for your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of high quality stock photos out there at reasonable prices. (And never play fast and loose with copyrighted images. That’s a game you’re destined to lose.)

If you’re creating visually arresting social media posts that pop off the page, you’re social media efforts are much more likely to pay off in actual customers.