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Creating a Social Media Plan That Actually Works

Social media can be something of an acquired taste for casino affiliates. Of course everyone knows they need to get social, but not everyone feels like diving into this nebulous pool.

If you’re nervous about developing a social media strategy, you can relax. Conquering social isn’t that hard. But we warn you, it’s going to take some time.

What follows are a few tips from content guru Neil Patel’s recent posting on creating a bare bones social media plan that can really help.

Identify an Audience & Find Out Where They Hang

It’s believed that somewhere around 73% of all American adults have a social media account of one kind or another. That’s an absolutely massive pool, so you’re going to need to narrow it down to just the folks you actually think will do business with you.

You can start by making a very specific profile of who you really want to target and what they look like. It can be as simple as a sentence that reads, “Serious Eastern European football fans between the ages of 18-35 who use serious analytic tools.”

Now that you’ve identified who your audience is, you can start digging into social media demographic to find out which platform they’re using. After all, there’s no point in hitting a social scene that you audience doesn’t use.

Learn Best Practices

You definitely don’t want to be a bull in the social media china shop, so you need to figure out the rules for each platform you’re using. Even better, you need to figure out how the power users who fit your demographic are using the site.

Are they posting more videos than text? Are they posting all day long? Or just at certain times of day?

While you don’t want to copy cat a Twitter power user word for word, there’s plenty to be learned about how they work.

Prepare for Conversions (Lots & Lots of Conversions)

Once you’ve established an audience and you’ve familiarized yourself with the terrain, it’s time to start harvesting some conversions.

You know the hard sell won’t work in the social world, but what will?

The key here is to customize and tailor landing pages aimed specifically at your target market. This is definitely not the time to paint with a broad stroke.

For example, a landing page that touts your latest analytic tool for identifying high value Eastern European soccer matches, that’s something your target market might like. What they don’t want is another deposit bonus offer that takes years to earn and is loaded with conditions.


We’re not saying that conquering the social media world is going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re willing to do your homework, you can craft a social media plan that really pays off.