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Is Twitter a Viable Tool for Casino Affiliates?

If you follow the news much, you wouldn’t be faulted for seeing Twitter as the social media platform of choice for loudmouths and others who simply want to spout an opinion. But did you know that Twitter is also a great medium for casino affiliates to communicate directly with their best customers, while dredging up potential conversions?

With more than 300 million active users, Twitter is a platform that casino affiliates shouldn’t be ignoring and here a few tips for making the most of your presence on this hot, hot corner of the social media world.

Get to Know Your Customers
Your players are not only on Twitter, they’re on Twitter talking about you. Your challenge is to find and embrace them. Fortunately, that’s not as hard as it sounds.

Using Twitter’s very underused advanced search functionality, you can use keyword searches to create lists of specific Twitter users who are in your targeted niches (rummy, cricket wagering, etc…) and direct your efforts directly at them and the hashtags they love.

This feature also allows you to narrow in on users based on their location. A feature like this is especially useful for branching out into locations where online gambling has recently been regulated.

In short, Twitter is loaded with tools that help casino affiliates target new customers. That said, Twitter is also a solid tool to for maintaining relations with the customers you’ve already got.

Twitter as a Customer Service Tool
Twitter users love to mention brands. According to a recent article by Neil Patel at Quicksprout, approximately 54 percent of Twitter users have mentioned or searched for a brand on Twitter. And anyone who follows Twitter know that plenty of its users love to use the platform to complain about real and perceived slights from the companies they work with.

Do yourself a favor, do not ignore the customers who mention your brand on Twitter, whether they’re saying positive things or not. Give a shout out to the positive users and take the concerns of the negative folks seriously. By engaging with them directly, you can turn an angry customer into an advocate. It’s not that hard and most of the hard work can be done via direct message.

Twitter is more than just a platform for shouting out your opinion and, if used correctly, it can be a critical component in your conversion and retention strategies.