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Is Instagram a Good Fit for Casino Affiliates?

Social media platforms such as Instagram can be something of a double-edged sword for casino affiliates. On the one hand, Instagram offers access to a younger demographic than other social platforms, such as Facebook, and offers endless potential conversions. On the other hand, it’s a visual platform that can be vexing for web publishers who are used to working in a text-only environment.

If you’ve been struggling with how to make Instagram work for your casino affiliate promotions, here a few tips that were recently offered up by content guru Neil Patel in a recent blog posting titled, 13 Ways to Improve Your Engagement Rates on Instagram. After all, Instagram has over a billion users, surely there are few of them who can be converted to your casinos.

For starters, casino affiliates who want to make the most of Instagram need to remember that it’s a platform fueled by hash tags. These little markers should be tailored to appeal to the widest demographic possible. While it might seem counter intuitive, it’s not. After all, Instagram is not a place where people go to search, top casino deposit bonuses or other keywords that kill on Google.

Patel also recommends that casino affiliates not rely exclusively on Instagram to promote Instagram. By that he means that affiliates should be promoting their new Instagram presence across all their social media platforms (and vice versa).

Affiliates should also make full use of Instagram’s video capabilities. Videos of things like winning slot pulls are a sure fire social hit and are an affordable way for smaller web publishers to get in on Instagram’s momentum.

The bottom line here is that Instagram is another tool in your social arsenal and it’s not something that should be ignored.