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US Lawmakers Considering Bitcoin Declaration Bill for Travelers

US lawmakers are considering a bill that would require travelers to declare their Bitcoin when entering the United States. But the bill is a long ways from becoming a law. ... Read more

American Gaming Association Embraces Sports Betting with 'Four Principles'

The American Gaming Association is embracing regulated sports betting in a big way with the introduction of a new policy on the matter. Their newfound love is codified in something called, "the four pillars." ... Read more

Australian Government Bans Online Poker

n passing the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 the Australian government has all but banned online poker in the Land Down Under. But how did online poker get caught up in a bill meant to prevent match-fixing? ... Read more

Double Your ROI with Repurposed Content

If you're looking for the ultimate in buy-one-get-one-free, you're definitely going to want to comb your archives to repurpose old content.Even better, you've already done most of the hard work. ... Read more

Neuromarketing: This is Some Next Level Content Marketing

Neuromarketing is all about understanding how psychological responses to stimuli can take your content marketing to the next level. Even better, you won't need a degree in psychology to understand it. ... Read more

Is Foul Language an Effective Marketing Tool?

In a competitive marketplace, like the world of casino affiliate marketing, foul language can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. But could there be a downside to cursing? ... Read more

Can Small Sites Still Compete in a Big Blog World?

Small sites can definitely still compete in a big blog world, but they need to stick to the fundamentals of good content marketing. Here are a few tips for staying in the hunt. ... Read more

North Korea Reportedly Pocketing Millions from Illegal Online Gambling

The government of North Korea is reportedly pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from illegal online gambling operations. These operations are providing desperately needed foreign currency that helps prop up Kim Jong-un's dictatorship. ... Read more

DraftKings Proposed UK Launch Requires Gambling License

DraftKings is hoping to launch its UK product in August but is still waiting to receive its UK gambling license. This could be a problem in more ways than one. ... Read more

Nevada Governor Ready for Interstate Online Poker Compact

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is very enthusiastic about the prospect of establishing an interstate online poker compact with New Jersey. The partnership would be good for gambling, but not everyone is on board. ... Read more
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