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Promoting banned products on the social media that hates them

Casino affiliates who are looking for new revenue streams have never been shy about marketing products like e-cigarettes and diet supplements on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The only problem with these products is that, oftentimes, those same social media platforms are quick to ban products for fear of hearing complaints from regulators and customers. While these bans can definitely be bothersome, they’re not the end of the world.
In a recent posting on SEO Journal titled, An Insider’s Guide to Promoting Banned Products on Social Media, Marcus Ho guides entrepreneurs through the delicate mechanics of working around these bans.
From the outset, Ho points out that these methods are for banned and not illegal items. He also advises readers to follow the rules laid out by social media platforms to the letter. That said, there’s still plenty of wiggle room for marketers to discuss their controversial wares.
For example, Ho suggests interactive quizzes as a means for disseminating information about your products, without running afoul of bans. In this case, it’s possible to inform without promoting, though it’s definitely a delicate balance.
Another technique is to work with influencers who actually use your product. These folks are free to share their opinions in ways that are unavailable to traditional marketers and can be nearly as effective as traditional banner advertising.
Ho counsels entrepreneurs to carve their own paths when walking this direction. While it may be tempting to copy your competitors, you’re the only one who can know for sure whether your techniques are crossing the line.
The bottom line here is that banned products can be marketed, but caution and care are the watchwords of the day.