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The Advantages of Building Your Affiliate Site in WordPress


The Advantages of Building Your Affiliate Site in WordPressWhen building a website for your affiliate business, you’ll find plenty of options to consider: Squarespace and Wix, to name two.

But despite the growing number of service providers, WordPress remains one of the most popular options for affiliates of all sizes.

Why is this the case, though? What are the pros and cons of building your site via this platform, and how can you take it to the next level? Let’s find out.

What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress to Build Your Affiliate Site?

Using WordPress to build your affiliate site has several advantages; the first is that you can use its basic services free of charge. If you need to bootstrap your business in the early phases, you can use WordPress to at least build pages and write content.

As you grow, though, WordPress can help you continue to scale. You can purchase a domain for your site, along with plugging in search engine optimization (SEO) tools and enabling eCommerce as well as a lot more.

When using WordPress, you’ll also have several themes to choose from – even if you didn’t purchase a paid plan. As a result, you can customize certain aspects of your site to give you a more authentic look and feel with minimal effort.

Another perk of building your affiliate site with WordPress is that you gain access to an extensive customer support team. If something goes wrong, it’s easy to figure out what has happened and come up with a solution without too many issues.

What Are WordPress Limitations?

Although WordPress has plenty of benefits, it does have some drawbacks. The first is that you’re limited to how much you can do if you don’t have a high-end subscription plan.

If you don’t have certain paid packages, you won’t be able to access tools like SEO and eCommerce. This means you’ll need to decide whether you want to spend more money or transfer your content and website to another platform – this is a major undertaking.

How Can You Use WordPress to Take Your Site to the Next Level?

To use WordPress for building your website, it’s worth upgrading to at the very least a plan that gives you access to SEO capabilities. Doing so will provide you with a lot more control than would otherwise be the case.

Starting slowly is also a good idea when using WordPress for your affiliate site. Focus on filling the pages before developing more complex tools and features such as filtering.

Regardless of what you do, the same principles to ranking high in search engines elsewhere apply when using WordPress.

Make sure that your pages load fast and are optimized for mobile and desktop. On top of that, you must provide valuable content to your audience.

So is WordPress the right platform for you? If you are a small to medium-size affiliate with limited resources then it is undoubtedly one of the best platforms out there.

If you are a larger affiliate with substantial resources and you are wanting to build a truly bespoke website then there are other – possibly better – options available.

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