Mobile marketing is the wave of the future in iGaming, sports betting and just about every other market you can imagine. But a large number of affiliate partners have yet to embrace this cutting edge marketing strategy or, worse yet, are going about it all wrong.

In a recent CAP Webinar titled, Creating a Mobile Strategy: Converting Mobile Users, Into Real Money Players, founder Henrik Mandal, shared his thoughts on this booming segment of the gaming market.

Mandal points out that today’s iGaming customer is already highly mobile and moves seamlessly between desktop, smart phone and tablet. Ignoring this market segment is like leaving lots of money on the table.

Why Go Mobile?

Chances are you’re probably already getting a lot of mobile users. Take a quick look at your Google analytics page to get an idea of just how many users are finding their way to you from mobile devices.

Mandal points out a site he worked on that was getting almost half of their traffic from mobile users. If they hadn’t optimized for the mobile web (M-web), a lot of those customers would have been lost for good.

If providing what your customers want isn’t enough motivation, perhaps an incentive from Google would help? Google is all about improving the end-user experience and, to that end, are putting an increased emphasis on M-web optimization.

Google is using smartphone-specific search bots these days and is increasingly differentiating between mobile and desktop searches. That’s part of the reason they’ve been emphasizing social shares over links for page ranking.

The good news for affiliates is that mobile marketing is still a wide open niche in a very crowded marketplace. With a large number of affiliate partners are still blind to the coming mobile wave, there are unlimited opportunities for forward thinking partners to grab a big chunk of this emerging market.

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What Mobile Marketing Is (and Isn’t)

Before diving into a mobile marketing strategy, it’s important to understand exactly what mobile marketing is and is not. Above all, mobile marketing is a lot more than simply redirecting your current website to a mobile format or domain.

Affiliate partners need to create a mobile optimized page that’s automatically served up to users coming in from mobile devices. Chances are, this page is going to look a lot different than the desktop version of the same page. After all, it’s designed to look good on a 4-inch screen, not a30-inch screen.

Mandal says that mobile users are far less willing to keep clicking than desktop users. That means links should go directly to games and not landing pages.

It also means you need to make links large enough to be clicked on by any-sized thumb. He advises to use a few links effectively in the mobile space, rather than shoving as many in as possible.

Selecting a Mobile Affiliate Partner

Selecting the right affiliate program for your mobile efforts is almost as important as actually designing the site. Many affiliate operators, it turns out, have mobile sites that aren’t 100% mobile-friendly.

A lot of, big name, operators send mobile users to the desktop site for registration and depositing. That’s definitely won’t help convert a players who’s sitting in a bar and wants to bet on the game right now from his phone.

Remember also, mobile users have very different expectations than their deskbound counterparts. They check sites more frequently than traditional web users and are expecting to content that’s constantly being updated. (They’re also going to expect mobile specific content including registration and mobile FAQs. )

Obviously some programs are better than others in the mobile space. Partners need to do their homework before assuming that affiliate programs that convert well with desktop users will yield the same results with mobile users.


With so many affiliates still focused squarely on the desktop space, there’s never been a better time than now for going mobile. It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think, but it definitely requires a well thought out strategy.

The sooner you make life easier for your mobile users, the better off you’ll be.

What are your mobile marketing strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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