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10 Reasons It’s Time to Invest In Mobile

We really can’t stress this enough, but if you haven’t started experimenting with mobile yet (in your affiliate marketing campaigns) then you really need to.

Here’s 10 more mobile marketing statistics explaining why mobile is the thing to do in 2015.

1. 80% of Internet Users Own a Smartphone

This is a piece of data that we needed to look up twice just to make sure it’s right. But it is. Smartphones really are that popular. In comparison, the percentage of internet users who own a PC or laptop is at 91.

2. More Than 50% of Internet Users Are “Multi-Screening” 

Mobile marketing trends indicate that the majority of consumers like to use more than one device to access the web. The usual scenario involves being introduced to a brand/product on mobile and then looking it up on desktop later on.

3. 68% of Marketers Have Integrated Mobile Into Their Larger Marketing Strategies

Marketers are already operating in mobile on a larger scale. And they’re only planning to increase their involvement in that space. What will you do?

4. 48% of Mobile Users Start Their Research by Using a Search Engine

(With 33% starting on branded websites and 26% starting on branded apps.)

This means that the usual mobile web experience for the average user starts with a search engine, and that’s especially true if they’re looking up a topic they haven’t previously expressed any interest in.

5. 60% of Global Mobile Consumers Use Their Mobile Device as Their Primary or Exclusive Internet Source

The web is more accessible these days than it has ever been. The modern mobile devices are perfectly capable of accessing any type of website and going through any kind of checkout process. Users have realized this and are now slowly shifting away from their desktop computers.

6. 89% of People Prefer to Consume Media Through Mobile Apps vs. Through Mobile Web

Apps seem to just be a more optimized way of consuming media content than looking it up through a mobile web browser. It’s through these specialized apps that most media viewing happens, and the gap is truly massive.

7. 77% of All Social Media Users Now Access Social Media via Mobile

Social media is just one more area where mobile keeps to strengthen its position as the leader among content delivery channels. After all, it’s on mobile where we’ve gotten used to standard text messages and then rich-media messages.

8. Mobile Searches Will Overtake Desktop-Based Searches in 2015

This is one of the most telling statistics of them all, particularly because it comes from Google. Google predicts that the number of expected mobile searches in 2015 will reach 85.9 billion, while the number of desktop-based searches will add up to “only” 84 billion.

9. 81% of the Conversions From Mobile Search Happen Within Five Hours of the Search

Time is crucial when dealing with mobile users, but it also creates great opportunities for creating scarcity-based funnels and following up with mobile users directly and right after they viewed our offers.

10. The #2 Task for Which Smartphones Are Used Is Checking Email

Of course, the #1 task is still making a phone call (83%). However, checking email is not far behind – currently at 74 percent.

Other popular usages include: performing mobile searches (67%), taking pictures (62%), and interacting on social media (57%).

Do you need any more reasons to get into mobile in 2015?

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