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Are You Mobile-Ready Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

Are you mobile-ready yet? If you are, that’s great! If you aren’t, it’s time that you do so.

Affiliate marketers who are not mobile-ready are setting themselves up for lost opportunities to earn money. Why? Here are some mobile marketing statistics that you need to be aware of:

  • As of November 2014, 46% of all affiliate clicks come from mobile, while 26% of all affiliate retail sales come from mobile. (Venture Harbour)
  • 80% of internet searches come from smartphones, while 47% come from tablets. (Smart Insights)

These are mobile marketing statistics that cannot be denied. The growing usage of mobile phones and gadgets is rising to unprecedented heights and in all honesty, you simply can’t afford to lag behind. There’s no need to wait. The time to act is now.

Three Ways to Make Your Site Mobile-Ready

The times are changing and you need to keep up – that is if you want to keep earning those commissions. You really have no idea how much you can lose if you stick to the design you have now. Let’s start:

1. Get a mobile-friendly design

To be mobile-ready, you need to have a mobile version of your website. You may notice this when you browse sites like Nike. If the site detects that you are on mobile, it will automatically direct you to their mobile site.

(Another solution is to leave the visitor with a choice.)

The point being is that having a mobile version ready is always handy. It is neater and definitely more user-friendly. It’s simple and visitors like simple sites on their mobile gadgets. Hence, a big plus point for all affiliate marketers.

2. Get a responsive design

Responsive design is another facet of being mobile-ready and it is different from a mobile version of a website. You see, you can’t really be sure what kind of mobile device your visitor will use. They can use an Android smartphone or an iPad. They can browse your site using Safari or Google Chrome. Either way, you should be prepared.

This is what responsive design is all about – making your website responsive to any device used. This eliminates the ridiculous load time of the site, which visitors really hate. And yet, the site looks superb across different mobile platforms. Thus, you don’t miss that window of opportunity to refer a visitor to a company you are affiliated with.

3. Get a mobile app

In 2014, mobile app usage was up 76% (Flurry Analytics). The biggest growth in mobile app usage was in lifestyle and shopping at 174%. Again, these are mobile app marketing facts that cannot be denied.

While getting an app made will require an investment, imagine the returns you’ll have. Having your own app can keep visitors engaged with the site. They can click on your ads wherever they are and whenever they can. To put it simply, it’s very easy shopping for them and a good way to earn those commissions for you.

Do you want to keep those commissions coming? Be mobile-ready and give your visitors what they are looking for – an easy and convenient buying experience through your site.