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80% of Mobile Traffic Comes From Apps (Probably)

Quite recently, Nexage – one of the leading premium marketplaces in mobile advertising – released a report showcasing the company’s mobile insights updated for September 2014.

There’s a lot of interesting pieces of information in that report, but by far the most impressive one is that 80 percent of Nexage’s mobile traffic comes from apps.

What this means for advertisers (which includes affiliates) is that if you want to reach as many mobile users as possible, you need to do it through apps.

For many content publishers and websites, mobile content consumption has already overtaken desktop. And for the rest, it’s believed that the same will happen in the near future.

Apps are clearly becoming the preferred way to access the web on mobile, and actually using a web browser seems like a last resort for many users. Publishers are now noticing this and releasing new apps on a daily basis. As advertisers, we can capitalize on this by having our inventory displayed as part of the integrated ad mechanisms inside those apps. Companies like Nexage help to make that happen.

App Advertising Brings Better Results

What’s also worth noting is that the app advertising market is not only growing in volume, but it also provides better results than other types of mobile advertising.

Nexage reports that app developers have experienced 165 percent revenue growth on the marketplace in 2014, which is double the current market growth for mobile advertising in general.

Apart from that, developers are becoming more and more interested in various types of rich media ads. This includes video (516 percent growth in impressions), interactive rich media ads (346 percent growth), and interstitial ads (194 percent growth).

Nexage also accounts this rapid growth in revenue to the following drivers: device ID, location (developers providing lat/long-enabled impressions), and brand engagement (with brands getting comfortable advertising via various app inventory).

The Direction Going Forward

Mobile is here for good, and we keep witnessing new and innovative forms of it sprouting up every month. The app advertising market is very likely to continue growing, and with it, affiliates are going to have to shift some of their campaign money towards those new opportunities.

You can view the full report here (subscription required).