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Operators Hit Market with iGaming Apple Watch Apps

iGaming operators across the planet are stampeding towards Apple Computers next-big-thing, the Apple Watch.

Late last week, Unibet, Coral, and Jumbo Interactive all announced that they have Apple Watch apps ready to go when the new product hits the streets. The three apps perform a variety of functions, mainly for sports bettors, though none of them actually allow casino gaming.

According to a report on, Coral Interactive’s Apple Watch App was designed by Playtech. (Which means it could see a lot action as the market matures.) In its current release, the app allows end-users a limited selection of wagers with a focus on in-play betting.

Unibet’s offering is considerably less limited in its scope. As it stands, the app only provides a stream of scores and stats, but does not allow users to place bets.

Though that sounds like limited functionality, Unibet Sportsbook Marketing Chief, Ed Nicholson says that’s in keeping with the Apple Watch’s intended functionality as a sort of pre-smartphone information clearing house saying:

(End-users will) initially be using their watch as an information and communication tool, weeding out the wheat from the chaff of all the communication that reaches our smartphones these days.

Jumbo Interactive CEO Jumbo CEO Mike Veverka, echoed that sentiment while describing his group’s offering, which allows for lottery win notifications and ticket management saying:

There are things you want to be told about immediately and winning the lottery is certainly one of them.

Though no one is really sure how end-users will actually use Apple Watch apps, one thing is very clear: iGaming operators are anticipating an app environment that is very different from the smartphone world.