Do you remember back when you might have innocently thought, “How different can mobile SEO be from desktop SEO?”

If you’ve ever had that thought, it was probably before you’d had much experience with mobile SEO. Crafting a site that’s friendly to Google bots while also providing top notch user experience is something that’s tough, but not impossible.

There are, however, a few factors your should consider when crafting your mobile SEO strategy.

(Slow) Speed Kills

How quickly is your site loading on Android devices these days? If you can’t answer that question, your mobile SEO game definitely needs some work.

This isn’t just someone’s opinion, it’s a well-researched fact that comes from the heart of Google itself. In a recent study, the search giant found that more than half of all end users will abandon a mobile site if it take more than three seconds to load.


This may sound obvious, but make certain that all the content you’re loading on your mobile facing sites is actually mobile friendly.

Even the largest phone or tablet screen can become incredibly cluttered when your site design includes off-the-grid fonts and excessive pop-ups.

Remember, when mobile screen space is cluttered end-users tend to avoid clicking on ads…or anything else in an effort to avoid clicking off the page.

You can also make life easy for your customers by making certain all your videos are in mobile-friendly format and that all of them include a transcript so that Google can include closed captioning.


In short, mobile SEO is a very different animal than desktop SEO, but its core principles are the same, make life as easy as possible for your end-users.

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