In the past, it was common to see people with a book or magazine in their hands in coffee shops, subways, airport lounges and train stations. People hated the dull times when they had to wait and look around with nothing to do so they tried to fill that void how they could.

Things haven’t changed so much in our era, except the only difference being now many people have more choice of ways to entertain themselves. The main complaint you see these days is that time is running so fast that you don’t even feel it when it flows by.

With mobiles and tablets, people that are always connected to the Internet can play their favorite games when they want, can socialize with their friends or read the things they are interested in without restriction.

You don’t have to wait to get home and turn on your computer- all you have to do is press a button and that’s it. When you finally move your head, you notice you’ve just missed your station and start wondering how that happened.

One can’t stop wondering after all this how much share of the Internet usage mobile has and does it have the power to overtake Desktop internet usage. According to all recent studies the answer is yes and this will happen no later than 2015. It couldn’t be otherwise since there are more mobile phone owners than PC users. For instance, a survey made by YouGov for UK in March 2011 revealed that only 3% of the population doesn’t have a mobile phone. Not all of these handsets are connected to Internet though, but by 2014 the forecasts are that tablet shipments only will exceed PCs.

Desktop computers will no longer be the #1 way people connect to the Internet, but what does all this mean for the gambling industry?

Lots of people are saying even though mobile is present everywhere, people will still prefer online and that’s where the big business is. That might be true for now, but doesn’t all this sound so 1995 when the first entrepreneurs where starting the online gaming industry? Mobile opens a new door where almost anybody can connect to the Internet easily, without needing to learn new skills or need to buy a new device just for that. Imagine a man sitting down in a subway, with his headsets on, listing to his favorite band when the train stops in a station. Suddenly he raises his hands and start screaming like crazy, dancing and running around. He just won a big jackpot! This sounds like a perfect commercial for a mobile casino, but it might become real.

As people get more confident browsing from their phones or tablets they will start preferring playing from this devices. Why wait to go home and open the laptop, when you’ve already got used to having everything at a click of button? You can sit on your couch while watching TV, as comfortable as you want and spin the wheel. You can be on the beach, lying down covered by a parasol playing some blackjack. What other better and more intimate experience can there be?

Mobile is here and it will stay, growing every year like a fairytale character that gets bigger and bigger. For instance, this year eBay is predicting it will do $8 billion in mobile gross merchandise volume and $7 billion in mobile total payment volume, almost double that of last year.

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