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Effectively Marketing Your Mobile App

Developing a great mobile app is only the first step on a much longer journey. The real key to success in the app world is an effective marketing strategy. ... Read more

How To Allocate Your Mobile Budget

It's reported that 40 percent of Black Friday shopping in 2013 was done through mobile devices. Is there a more legitimate proof that mobile marketing is indeed a thing and that it brings serious results? Probably not. ... Read more

Mobile Stats to Inspire Mobile Marketing Efforts

Mobile marketing is a 300-pound gorilla that you just can't afford to ignore. Here are some eye-popping mobile stats and some tips for taking advantage of them. ... Read more

11 Strategies That Pay Off for Mobile Marketing

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, mobile ad spending grew by more than 100 percent in 2013. This has resulted in a lot of new insights and experience under everyone's belt. ... Read more

11 Premium Responsive Landing Page Templates

While landing pages have been around for quite a while, the concept of responsive landing pages is rather new. Nonetheless, if you want to stay relevant in the growing mobile web, it's about time to look into this topic more deeply. ... Read more

Study Says: Mobile Users Love Deposit Bonuses

Mobile players are especially fond of deposit bonuses. That's what a new study from Commercial Intelligence found. ... Read more

Push Notifications & Mobile Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

Mobile marketing and push notifications are a match made in heaven. Affiliates who blend them properly can get the most of their oldest, and newest, customers. ... Read more

Use Mobile Retargeting for Driving Revenue

It's reported that mobile sales account for 16.6% of all online sales (link), and that 17% of them come from in-app purchases (link). Mobile retargeting is all about following your visitors across various online sites they go to, and the various things they do on those sites. ... Read more

Mobile App Use is Exploding - Are You in the Boom?

Mobile app use is exploding and app development is the best way of riding this lightening to revenue town. Here are a few tips for getting the most from mobile apps. ... Read more

10 Reasons It's Time to Invest in Mobile

Mobile devices are transforming the way people interact with the Internet, so why aren't you on board yet? Here are ten reasons to start promoting mobile offers today. ... Read more
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