Once again, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is developing standardized mobile ad formats for the industry. Despite issuing two documents earlier in the year, by June the organization had noted that there were obvious shortcomings and more time was needed.

Now, the MMA is taking a third crack and is hoping to get things right this time around. In short, they are working on standardized formats for a group of common types of mobile ads.

After a comment period, the MMA has hopes of introducing six units sometime in early 2012. One thing that the organization has going for it is that all major ad networks have agreed to support the updates.

iOS and Android

At this time, and to no surprise, the majority of ad impressions are being delivered to iOS and Android powered mobile devices. That being said, they are fully aware that many advertisers are interested in placing advertising on Blackberry (RIM), Windows, and Symbian systems.

Tablets, such as the iPad, are also getting a lot of attention. The MMA plans to offer guidance regarding which ad sizes are most popular among sellers and buyers. They plan on offering fresh information every six months.

A Growing Market

The mobile advertising market is growing at a rapid pace. According to eMarkter, in 2011 advertisers are expected to have spent close to $1.2 billion on mobile campaigns. This is up from $743 million in 2010.

From banners to video and much more, advertisers are turning their attention to the mobile market. No matter if you are a mobile user, affiliate, or somebody interested in buying/selling advertising, you need to become familiar with the MMA mobile ad updates.

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