Mobile casino gambling is growing at a breathtaking pace in all corners of the world as everyone and their brothers are getting their hands on smart phones.

This isn’t a vertical that’s about to explode, it’s a vertical that’s  exploding right now.

But while operators and players are taking full advantage of the mobile gambling boom, casino affiliates are sitting on the sidelines.

Why is it that the same group who cashed in big on the early internet boom is so reluctant to get in on this current boom? That’s the question Julian Rogers asks in an article on eGR Mobile Trends titles, Where are the Affiliates?

Here are a few of his insights on this red hot topic.

Blame it on the Operators

Most operators are doing a pretty good job of launching sophisticated mobile casino sites and apps that are available for easy download from Google Play and the Apple Apps Store.

As a result, plenty of players are getting mobile-ready directly from the operators themselves. This doesn’t, however, mean that affiliates aren’t needed.

Rogers suggests that most operators could be doing even more mobile business, if they would simply provide affiliates with the marketing and tracking tools they need to tame the mobile frontier. But developing these tools is a big project that lots of operators simply aren’t interested in taking on at this moment.

Blame it on the Affiliates

Converting mobile players is tricky, potentially expensive, process that tracks through some seriously uncharted territory.

For starters, even experienced affiliates don’t know much about converting mobile players.

What they do know is that the registration process can be cumbersome on a tiny mobile keyboard and that sends plenty of players to their desktop in frustration. Cleaning up this end of the conversion pipeline would go a long ways towards bringing casino affiliates into the mobile space.

Besides the cost of developing a decent mobile site, and getting operator support in the form of banners and tracking programs, is a dicey proposition.

In a market where conversions are increasingly tough to come by, these hurdles are just too much for small affiliates to take on. (And most casino affiliates are, in Johnson’s words, “one-man bands.”)

Learn from Sports Betting Affiliates

Sports betting affiliates are one group that’s actually seen quite a bit of mobile success and Rogers says that other affiliates would do well to copy their tactics. That means biting the bullet and developing mobile-friendly sites and stand-alone apps; no matter how much they cost.

He points several examples of odds-comparison apps that are bringing in big bucks and keeping players locked in a closed wagering ecosystem. (Though he doesn’t give examples of how this success would translate to, say, bingo affiliates.)


Getting in on the mobile boom is a challenging proposition for smaller affiliates but, with so much potential revenue on the table, it’s a market sector that shouldn’t be ignored.


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