Mobile apps have been booming for the past couple of years, but that’s nothing compared to where the industry is headed. Particularly since 2010, mobile technology has really taken off. Since then, mobile popularity has spread like a virus. By the end of the year, mobile downloads are expected to grow by 144%. That totals 18 billion downloads.

You read that right. 18 billion downloads. What does this mean for the gambling industry?

Mobile Apps Create Huge Gains for Gambling

When mobile technology took off, the gambling industry expected big things. Everyone listed gambling as one of the big Gs (the other two being girls and games). When mobile technology took off, gambling wasn’t the first thing on most people’s minds. Initially the market was saturated with guys who just wanted the chance to play WoW in meetings at work or download porn where their girlfriends couldn’t see them.

That didn’t last forever. Games and adult content are still downloaded on very regular basis. However, the gambling industry has quickly been catching up and has grabbed their piece of the action. As their apps go mainstream, the gaming industry becomes more dependent on the popularity of mobile technology.

The gambling industry is now gobbling its share of the pie. As mobile apps take off, the industry stands to grow even more.

Strategy and Developments for Gaming Industry

Online gaming companies are refining their strategy. They are focusing on developing Apps for the iPhone instead of the Android. Although Android downloads outpace those from iPhones, the Android Market is so discombobulated that it’s difficult to get apps noticed. Apple’s apps tend to be slower, but you have to take the bitter with the sweet.

You may be wondering how much the industry really stands to make. Some companies are making a killing off their mobile customers. Take Betfair for instance. Last year, the gaming firm made over 1 billion pounds in revenue from bets placed through its mobile apps. That was 88% more than the previous year.

With the explosive growth in the mobile industry in the past year, that figure should look even sweeter on this year’s income statement.

The gambling industry is starting to love mobile applications. They will probably account for even more of the industry’s revenues in coming months. Where do you think the gambling industry will go as mobile downloads continue to grow?

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