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Florida Judge Rules Bitcoin is Not Money

A Florida judge let a suspected money launderer off the hook after declaring that the laundered Bitcoin weren't actually cash after all. It's a landmark decision that could alter the course of the crypto-currency world. ... Read more

How Does US VP Candidate Mike Pence Feel About Gambling?

US Vice Presidential nominee, and current governor of Indiana, Mike Pence is not exactly a friend of the gambling industry...not at all. Pence has fought against regulated gambling at every possible opportunity. ... Read more

Do Lotteries Exploit the Poor? Not as Much as You Might Think

The long-held belief that national lotteries like the Powerball exploit the poor. It turns out that notion might not be so accurate after all. ... Read more

Amaya Gaming Swings Axe Through London Office

Amaya Gaming is laying off dozens of workers from its London office. It's a move the company says merely eliminates redundancies. ... Read more

Nevada Casinos Ready Prep for Olympic Betting

Nevada sportsbooks are getting ready for their first venture into Olympic betting in more than a decade. Their their expectations for making big bucks, however, are low. ... Read more

Aussie Gamblers Can Access Online Gambling Accounts from Convenience Stores

Thanks to a new system from Emerchant, Aussie gamblers can now access their online gambling accounts from local convenience stores. The new system offers convenience but isn't popular with the anti-gambling crowd. ... Read more

Judge Kicks DraftKings Gambling Suit Back to State Court

A federal judge says he won't be hearing a lawsuit against DraftKings and will be leaving that honor up to a state court. That's bad news for a DFS operator that would prefer to stay out of state courts. ... Read more

UK Gambling Operators Making Record Ad Buys

UK gambling operators are spending record amounts of money on advertising as they search for an edge in their very competitive market. Is this the result of the VAT, or something more sinister? ... Read more

NFL Lawyer Coughs up Legit Argument Against Regulated Sports Betting

After decades of claiming that regulated sports betting would encourage game fixing, an NFL lawyer coughed up the real story. Turns out they might have a pretty decent argument after all. ... Read more

Brazilian Government Eyes Online Sports Betting Monopoly

Brazil's troubled government is looking at a possible monopoly on online sports betting as a means of raising revenue. It's a sign of desperation that most governments wouldn't dream of trying. fj4ad ... Read more
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