WordPress design themes are generally considered to be the most cost-efficient and user-friendly way to build websites.

Lots of affiliate marketers already know that: According to AffStat, 32 percent of affiliate marketers use WordPress marketing tools, and an even greater number are expected to run on WordPress sites.

It makes sense. WordPress themes are perfect for new affiliates just starting out; because of their ease in setting up, they’re also very well-suited for the ambitious affiliate who’s always launching new sites. And, more than just blogging templates, most WordPress themes for casino affiliates offer most of the functionality of more complex content management systems (CMS).

Bearing that in mind, there are two main horses in the stable of WordPress themes for casino affiliates: Themes and Plugins. We’ll deal with plugins in another entry, but for now let’s start with themes.

A World of Selection

Search Google for WordPress themes and you get almost 80 million results. Search specifically for WordPress themes for casino affiliates and narrows it down a bit to 176,000 results.

It’s almost too much. All throughout the Internet, people are selling or giving away WordPress themes.

WordPress offers its own, official themes. Freelance designers thrive on creating cheap, new WordPress themes. Affiliate community forums abound with WordPress theme offerings. And, of course, here at CAP we offer a full suite of sleek, professionally designed WordPress themes for casino affiliates, as well.

There are also companies like Flytonic.com, who have made a name for themselves offering sharp customized gambling affiliate WordPress themes, too. But these come at a price. And with so many free themes available, why pay?

Why Pay?

Like any business, with WordPress themes for casino affiliates, it helps to “bear in mind the adage that you get what you pay for,” advises super affiliate Shawn Collins.

Collins recommends WordPress thesis, a specialized community offering what many feels are the more premium professional WordPress themes.

“One of the attractive things to me about Thesis, aside from the output and nuts and bolts of it, is that customers get access to members-only answers and forums, as well as lifetime Thesis upgrades.”

The Basics of WordPress Themes for Casino Affiliates

So, whether you choose a free site or pay for premium WordPress theme, you still have to know the basics. Always consider the following options when deciding what WordPress themes for casino affiliates to use:

Elegant, 2-Column Design. The design doesn’t have to be strictly casino or poker related. A simple, classy design best communicates any message, no matter what your niche. Make sure it has two columns, though it’d be rare to find one that doesn’t.

Widget and Plug-in Support. One of the key advantages of using WordPress themes are the huge variety of widgets and SEO tools available for use. Make sure your theme can incorporate the tools you need.

Admin Panel Preview. Make sure the admin panel is straightforward and easy to use to minimize time wasted trying to figure it out.

Other essential: components:

  • Customizable design elements
  • Compatible with all major Internet browsers
  • Photo gallery
  • Drop-down menu navigation
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Configurable space for your banner ads
  • Built-in social networking and bookmarking  tabs and tools

Other great options;

  • Google AdAense code included
  • Sidebar video streaming option

And, per CAP Community guru Rak, your WordPress theme should have ideally been released a few times to ensure stability.

Ultimately, you’re probably just going to grab whatever theme you think is coolest — and hey, that’s probably all right. But make sure it has most of the above features before committing to it.

Stay tuned to the Learning Center for a look at WordPress gambling plug-ins and tools.

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