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Flytonic Updates

Flytonic is one of our favorite custom WordPress theme stores out there. And the reason is simple, it’s the only online gambling specific theme provider that actually delivers some quality products.

To be honest, finding a good (and by good we mean optimized and well-coded) gambling theme is not easy. Even though searching for “online gambling WordPress themes” on Google will deliver myriads of results, 99% of them are just standard themes with only some gambling-like header image (a deck of cards, a roulette table or something similar).

This is where Flytonic comes into play with their offering. Flytonic themes are 100% gambling-focused, with extra features and optimized source code.

We haven’t posted anything about Flytonic lately so it’s about time to change that. Let’s take a look at some of the new themes and offers at Flytonic.

The Main Flytonic Theme Framework Updated

Let’s start with some news about the main Flytonic Theme. A new update was released a week ago. The current version is 3.02

The new version has additional widget features and also fixes a pagination bug that was visible in the previous versions.

You can get the main Flytonic Theme and framework here. It’s a very good theme if you have a web developer on your team and you want to use the theme as a base for your custom online gambling site.

For a little less labor-heavy launches, however, we’d advise going with some of the available child themes. Speaking of which…

New Child Themes

There’s a handful of new gambling themes worth pointing out.


One of DoubleUp‘s more interesting functionalities is the new featured casino page template that allows you to display three featured sites at the top of a page. This is sure to catch your visitor’s attention. And if the copy is good, you’re also likely to get a click.

Additionally, the theme provides a possibility to select a few variations of some of the custom widgets. This will be especially useful to those of us working without the support of a skilled web developer.

Get the DoubleUp theme now!


An interesting one-time offer that Flytonic has running right now is for the Exclusive Flytonic theme. The official info says that the theme will only be sold once and that you need to use the contact form to set up an individual deal. The price is $275 and includes elements such as:

  • Exclusive Flytonic child theme,
  • Flytonic Framework,
  • some dummy content.

There’s also a $75 discount for existing Flytonic members.


Spread theme is another new addition to the Flytonic directory. It’s a theme suitable for casino, poker, sportsbook and other gaming affiliate sites. It uses a two-column design with either a right or left sidebar layout.

Also, there are page templates for blog pages, full-width pages, author pages, and galleries.


Casinotown theme is a responsive theme designed for casino, poker, and other gaming affiliates in general. It features a responsive layout that looks great on any device. The main design is based on a two-column structure with a sidebar on the left or on the right.

Like all Flytonic themes, this one delivers some built-in SEO options, an advanced banner management system, some custom banner widgets, and much more.

Financial Trading

Financial Trading theme is the final theme we’d like to point out on this list. It’s targeted towards affiliates of financial trading sites, brokers, Forex sites, binary and options trading sites, etc.

The design is responsive and offers several custom widgets and shortcodes to make the everyday use of the theme even more straightforward.

One more interesting thing about it is that you don’t need the main Flytonic Framework to make it work.

This closes our update on what’s been going on with Flytonic. But what about your site, have you tried any of the Flytonic’s themes yet?