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Tablepress: The Ultimate Affiliate Tool to Compare Casino, Gambling, and Investment Sites

One of the best free WordPress plugins for any online gaming affiliate is Tablepress.

If you like to make comparative lists of affiliate sites for your guests, I’m going to walk you through how to use this as a tool to make really useful and insanely high converting, professional looking tablse where you can do anything you want because it is based in HTML and takes advantage of WordPress shortcuts like “Insert An Image. It can also be styled anyway you like with CSS. Phew!

Okay, so before I get into this, you should be asking me, “Jared, why do I want to spend more time learning a new tool when I have so much to do already?”

The answer is simple. After you get comfortable using it, you will no longer have to spend money buying new themes that take just as long to learn, or plugins that are only useful for awhile and then become obsolete like that awesome MySpace popup you bought in 2005.

The point is that because so many of us create lists of the online casinos bonuses, or betting sites reviews, or Forex trading choices, there must be an easier way to keep it looking clean and easy to use. We do this and it shows we’re not afraid to pit options against each other in the light of transparency to the user, and that having choices that makes it seem better for them. This plugin is well worth the time invested. End-user experience is everything!

  • First, you want to install that bad boy and get it running. I gave you a link in the first sentence, so stop being lazy! Here is the plugin for easy downloading. Then make your first table with the preset number of columns and rows it gives you by default and name it something fantastic.

  • Select the first column and the first row by check their corresponding box. Then click “hide row” and repeat for “hide column.” These are now shaded red and will not be displayed when the table short code is entered and it is displayed on page. You can use this space to label your casinos or other affiliate sites.

  • Now since you already have all your images resized to match each other, and a general idea as too how you want the table to look, it’s time to start building. Click in the first empty space and then click advanced editor. Bam, WordPress editor where you can do all your fancy stuff. I would go with “Insert Image” and drop your first logo in there. Then repeat all the way down to as many sites as you wish to review.

  • Use the next column to do something else creative. I like software type so that’s usually what I end up doing, but something like “live betting yes or no image” or a big checkmark with a smile face, the choices only end at the reach for your creativity.

  • Use the text styling functions of to your advantage and give your visitors some useful info in column D to accompany your creative graphics.

  • Grab the plugin Max-Buttons and thrown in a Call to Action Button for Columns e and f. It makes a short code ready clickable button with tons of options.

  • Use CSS styling to make the table look awesome and resize widths, set colors, give borders etc. in the options menu.

  • Remember that it is full HTML and you can do a lot of styling with margins and other neat tricks to use small icons or set crazy long, descriptive title tags…

  • Put the tables’ short code in any page / post / widget area.

Pretty great, huh? See an example of an affiliate list created using the Tablepress plugin that demonstrates how it can help users see the differences of mobile casinos by clicking here from You can also get some examples of CSS codes and general help at their forum. I found that others have already asked enough questions, and it was easy to get it working right pretty quickly.

Be warned that I am currently having some trouble getting it to resize on a responsive theme when viewing it from a mobile phone or making the browsers window very narrow. It is a small price to pay when you can just style it so that no matter what device is used it will look right and easily generate big money from even the most discriminating of investors and gamblers.

Author: Jared Bates