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4 WordPress Plugins for Poker Affiliate Websites

Don’t you just love WordPress and its enthusiastic community? I mean who ever thought it would be as easy as searching for a feature you see on another website, probably with a team of developers behind it and yet, you can easily add this cool feature you’ve seen to your own website at the click of a button (ok sometimes its a bit more complicated)…

If you are poker affiliate then here are some pretty great FREE WordPress plugins you can use.

1. Poker Cards Plugin

If you’ve got a poker blog which you post your poker hands on or other player’s poker hands then you definitely want to download this plugin. Basically this plugin graphically displays the image of the cards thus making the poker hand more visual for your readers. The plugin is really easy to use and here is an example for you to understand how it works, lets say you want to describe a Royal Flush, just type in “:Ah, :Kh, :Qh, :Jh, :Th” and this will convert to a Royal Flush of hearts on your post which players will be able to see graphically.

You can download this useful WordPress plugin here in which case you might see a yellow note at the top that the plugin has not been updated in about 2 years however, no need to worry because the poker hands which I got from this plugin are still visible on my website.

2. Poker Freerolls Plugin (Free Long-tail poker traffic)

This is a fantastic plugin and I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic to my site from people searching for poker freerolls by name. It allows webmasters to have a page on their site with constantly updated upcoming freerolls from most of the big poker sites online. Coverage is excellent with the poker freerolls plugin, with live listings from 15 sites including 32Red, PokerStars, SkyPoker, BWin Poker, PartyPoker, 888 Poker, PokerHeaven, Betfair Poker, PKR, PokerStars, Paradise Poker, William Hill Poker, Unibet, Ladbrokes Poker and more.

You can easily apply your own direct affiliate link or instead link to your own review of a merchant (always the better option for SEO). The plugin is fully customisable allowing you to set your own server time-zone. Another great advantage of adding this freerolls plugin to your site is that it really helps to convert low value players into sign ups which eventually deposit and convert into real money players.

This plugin is absolutely free and you can download it here.

3. Subscribe Pop Up (List building)

This very customizable plugin makes a custom subscribe pop-up appear when a visitor lands on a page on your site – giving you the opportunity to tell users what your unique value proposition is, and encouraging them to register for free.

While this might not sound very exciting, I’ve found that using it has close to doubled the number of user registrations on some of my own affiliate sites.

The plugin which can be downloaded here is customizable so that you can select whether it appears just once per visit (recommended), on all pages of the site (recommended) or just on the home-page. Why not do a test on your site? Take a note of your weekly signups and then activate this plugin to see if you can convert those people who don’t join to subscribe to your mailing list. Give it a go. Download here

4. Event and Promotion Opt-in plugin for WordPress (Community, Encouraging registrations)

Converting as many site visitors as possible into registered users should be one of every poker webmaster’s goal – after all if your search-engine rankings take a bashing due to whatever reason, you can still market to your mailing list/userbase, and it’s better to cross-sell many products/deals/offers to one user than to sell one product to each user.

Running custom events or promotions which users must first register / opt-in for on your website can significantly boost registrations of new users.

The event opt-in plugin for WordPress is a useful tool for poker webmasters who wish to leverage opt-in events (e.g. poker leagues) for new sign-ups.

The plugin allows webmasters to easily make any event or promotion page ‘opt-in’ – unregistered users need to register and click a button to participate in the promotion (in our case, perhaps a weekly poker league), which logged in existing members can similarly opt in with a click.

Site admins can easily export a list of opted-in members for each promotion from the page to excel or email programs for later customer relationship management.

Anyway, hope you get to try them out and let me know how you go!