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8 Simple Steps to Give Your WordPress Site an Efficiency Makeover For 2014

WordPress is a great website management platform, and if used the right way, it can help you bring your affiliate business to the next level in 2014.

So here are 8 things to do with your WordPress site as soon as possible to achieve this goal:

1. Use Clickable Footer Images

Here’s an example from Hubspot:

This image is placed in the footer and its entire area is clickable.

The purpose of such an image is to present an attractive call to action that’s going to convince your audience to click and preferably subscribe to your email list, or even buy the product you’re promoting.

2. Use Link Tracking And Click Tracking

This is the next step up above the standard analytics tool you surely have installed on your WordPress site.

Link tracking in its basic form can be done by a plugin like Pretty Link. The plugin cloaks your links and gives you a shortened version that’s fully trackable. With this plugin, you can monitor CTRs and other metrics.

3. Use “Pin It” Buttons For Images

Pinterest is one of the new wonders of social media. The platform is growing fast and it’s a good idea to test it out for your affiliate site too.

The first thing you should do is get a plugin like Pinterest “Pin It” Button and make all the images you use on your site easy to pin on Pinterest.

4. Use Tweetable Quotes

The idea of tweetable quotes is that you can highlight any part of your post or page and make it easily tweetable. This is a proven method to get more reader engagement.

You can test it out with a solution like Click to Tweet.

5. Use Twitter Cards

We’re not done with Twitter yet. One of the newer features is Twitter Cards. The idea is that whenever someone tweets about your content, their tweet will not only feature a link but also an excerpt from your post and an image.

Test it with the WordPress SEO plugin.

6. Use Google Authorship

It’s simple. Posts with Google Authorship get better results on Google and better CTRs.

This is due to the author’s picture displayed alongside the Google listing.

It’s something you can set with the WordPress SEO plugin as well.

7. Use Twitter Follow Buttons

This is basic, but many sites still don’t use any sort of follow buttons.

The fact is that most visitors won’t do any research on their own to find your Twitter profile. A much easier way to convince them to follow your brand is to display a follow button somewhere on your site.

You can get started here.

8. Use Auto Sharing Tools

Sharing every new post you write on social media takes time. Thankfully, you can automate the whole process quite easily.

All you need is the Jetpack plugin. In it, there’s the Publicize module. One of its features is sharing every new post you write across your various social media profiles on autopilot.