WordPress casino themes are a great tool for rolling out new gaming sites in a hurry without struggling with complicated design issues. Just download the theme and start building around it. It’s a simple turnkey operation.

What follows are some tips for finding top quality casino-centric WordPress themes and some examples we really like.

WordPress Theme Basics

Casino-related WordPress themes usually include dedicated areas for promoting partner sites, bonus codes, and even point spreads. Because WordPress is an open source program, most themes can be easily customized to suit your specific needs.

Flytonics Updates and Upgrades


Flytonics specializes in WordPress themes for casino affiliate sites. The company is owned and operated by a former affiliate marketer so they’re loaded with features that are especially appealing to affiliate partners.

One such feature is child themes. Child themes allow affiliate partners to create sites for very specific niches without changing every piece of code on the site.

Flytonics is also rolling out a series of updates and upgrades including:

  • An increased capacity for customizing pages on the fly without impacting the entire site.
  • Tagging capabilities that allow publishers to tag affiliate sites into various categories based on particular bonus offers or games.
  • The new short coding features builds on the tags and allow webmasters to easily build tables that involve just a few clicks rather than a huge line of code.
  • Flytonics has also added a number of updates and upgrades to its child themes including the popular High Roller and Shuffle Up themes.


High Roller is Flytonics’ best selling theme because its very flexible and ready for customization. It’s SEO and affiliate friendly with features like bonus tables and easy to use banner management.

Refresh your site with Flytonics.

Shuffle up is less flashy than some of the other gaming themes, but is is loaded with a powerful back end systems that give affiliates plenty of control over content and player tracking.

Basic Flytonics themes cost between $40-$99 depending on which features you select.

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Free vs. Paid Themes

For budget minded publishers, there’s no shortage of free WordPress themes available for download at sites like wpgamgling.com. If you’re comfortable using WordPress and customizing themes without a lot of help, this is good route to take, but it’s not your only option.

If you’re new to WordPress or just aren’t comfortable with the technical side of your site, you’re probably better off paying for a WordPress theme from a premium theme maker. These companies charge for their themes, but also provide considerable support and updates to their products.

Casino Xtream is good example of a free WordPress template that’s got a lot of affiliate friendly features like bonus table and banner management.

One notable premium casino theme maker is Flytonics.


Selecting a Theme

Selecting a casino WordPress theme should be based on a lot more than just what looks good (though that’s important, too). Other aspects to consider include:

  • What types of affiliates are you working with? There’s plenty of niche themes that are designed specifically markets as narrow as baccarat or MMA.
  • Look for as much flexibility and customization features as possible. The ability to change content and promos on the fly is worth paying for.
  • Think of elements, not colors. You can always change the colors, but shifting elements is not always easy, especially on free themes.
  • Read the reviews of various themes before incorporating them.
  • Consider the support element. If you’re not comfortable fiddling with code yourself, you’ll want a theme from a company that offers technical support.


Casino themes for WordPress sites make getting new sites off the ground a quick and efficient process.

What’s your favorite casino theme for WordPress? Let us know in our Website Design and Development Forum.



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