If you’ve just started using the new WordPress 3.3.1 update, it’s time to head back and grab an update that addresses 15 known bugs and security issues . The update is available as a free download at WordPress.org and any affiliates running WP 3.3.1 are strongly encouraged to get this update as soon as soon as possible.

While none of the 15 fixes are particularly earth shattering, some of them can cause some real headaches if not addressed quickly. And, as of this writing, the new update seems to be working well with most existing WordPress Plug-Ins, like MaxA/B for WordPress (killer for optimizing landing pages) and WP4FB (great for creating a customizable Facebook page).

Administrator Lockout Bug

Website administrators probably won’t notice most of the bugs addressed but there’s one that can cause some serious headaches. On sites running WP 3.3.1 a minor coding flaw locks out site administrators who also sign on as subscribers to that same site. That could make testing and other regular administrative functions very difficult.

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Minor WP 3.3.1 Security Flaws

The most serious flaw addressed in the new fixes deals a cross scripting deficiency that was discovered by two WP users in India. Without the fix, hackers who post a few lines of code in the comments section of a site can generate the dreaded 500 internal error message across the site.

Getting the Fixes

Because it’s WordPress, installing this new update is not very difficult. The entire package can be downloaded for free and most site administrators shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them up and running. If you do run into problems, there’s no shortage of good online tutorials to help you through the process.

Updating your sites today can save you considerable trouble down the line.

Have you started using WordPress 3.3.1? Have you run into any bugs or security flaws? Let us know how it’s working for you on our Web Design and Development Forum.

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