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How To Regain Rank After Panda

Bouncing back from the Panda punch. ... Read more

Authority vs. Popularity: What's Better for Ranking?

Google algorithms put a lot of weight behind authority and popularity, but which factor is better for affiliates? ... Read more

The Best SEO Desktop Tools For Affiliates

While nothing substitutes testing and hard work for site traffic and conversion, SEO software can sure make this an easier process. Here are five great SEO desktop tools that you shouldn't be without. ... Read more

SEO Outsourcing: The Basic Rules of Thumb

Feeling the constant pressure to adapt to Google’s latest algorithm changes and updates? Don’t fall prey to SEO outsourcing, unless you follow these simple rules of thumb. ... Read more

How New Top Level Domain Names Impact Affiliates

ICANN is accepting applications for new generic top level domain names like .poker and .bingo but the value to smaller companies may be limited at first. ... Read more

How Google Views Affiliates

Google has a love/hate relationship with affiliate marketers. Here we will break down why this is so, and what you can do to keep your business effectively promoted—with or without Google's help. ... Read more

"Search, Plus Your World" Is Google's Latest and Greatest Search Tool

Scott Polks describes how Google's latest tool is now using information that has been shared with you personally to supplement your results. ... Read more

Google Analytics 101 for Gambling Affiliates

Information on Google Analytics and what it offers gambling affiliates. The details of how to use this tool. ... Read more

URL Pathing Underscores: Good or Bad?

Should affiliates use domain name underscores? ... Read more

SEO and SEM: Just Say No!

So many times you hear what to do when it comes to SEO but does anyone ever tell you what NOT to do?! ... Read more
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