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Visual Content vs. SEO, What Is the Battle About?

These days, visual content continues to gain more online market share by the minute. It's actually reported that over a billion (!) images are shared daily. ... Read more

September 2014 SEO News

The Panda is back and China is blocking DuckDuckGo. Those are just a few of the SEO headlines from September, 2014. ... Read more

The Start of In-App Search Apps and Why We Should Pay Attention

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the launch of an app simply called In-App Search, as covered by TechCrunch. What it does is rather simple in nature. ... Read more

Could Google "Knowledge Vault" Be The Future Of Search?

Google is constantly on the lookout for new and more effective ways to deliver their search engine results. In fact, when we look at the core of their mission, "ranking websites according to their relevance" is nowhere to be found. ... Read more

How to Make Sure Bing Displays the Correct Title for Your Web Page

You can never be sure that the title you've meticulously picked for your page is going to appear in the Bing search results. Bing tends to alter it whenever they see fit. ... Read more

August 2014 SEO & Google Update

August 2014 was a pretty slow month for SEO news but slow doesn't mean dead. Here are a few SEO news tidbits you might have missed during your summer holiday. ... Read more

Optimizing Websites for Maximum Affiliate Marketing Firepower

Designing websites that are affiliate marketing-friendly is challenge that can be mastered by anyone willing to stick to the basics. Here are a few tips for maximum affiliate optimization. ... Read more

Is Google's Penguin Too Tough on SEOs?

Is the lack of Penguin refreshes a collective punishment that cripples commerce on the web? That's the question plenty of SEOs have been asking for a very long time. ... Read more

Why Search Still Drives the Highest-Intent Players

Search engines are still the main tool people use to find relevant content, products, and basically anything else that's of interest to them at the moment. ... Read more

What Impact Will the UK's Point of Consumption Tax Have on Bookies?

The UK's new point of consumption tax on sports bets is going to have a big impact on affiliates and operators alike. Here are a few thoughts to consider before the POTC fires up. ... Read more
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