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Email Marketing: 10 Tips for Increasing and Retaining Subscribers

Affiliate marketing experts have been saying for years that "The money's in the list" - so it's a safe bet to say that if your list has fewer subscribers than your high school shop teacher had fingers, you aren't making as much money as you could with your casino affiliate website. ... Read more

How to control spam filters and hook your email readers

Casino Affiliate Programs offers a guide to some more advanced email marketing tips designed to help you better communicate with your prospects and make the most effective use of email lists. ... Read more

Quick ways to build a list, part 2

Last week, we discussed some of the basics of email list-building as a starting point for your casino website's marketing program. Today, we’re going to look at some more advanced concepts. ... Read more

Quick ways to build an email list, part 1

Even if you’re not quite ready to engage in an email marketing campaign yet, you should still be list building, to get your business ready for future growth. After all, if you’ve got a site, you’ve got site traffic, so you’ve already got the most fundamental element of email marketing at your fingertips. ... Read more

Why your emails need a clear call to action

When you're advising the recipients of your emails exactly what you want them to do, your call to action is the most important element in any marketing email you send. ... Read more

Why your affiliate business needs an autoresponder

Email autoresponders are an essential part of taking your online business to the next level of success. Whether you’re an up and comer or an established affiliate, here’s why you need an email autoresponder campaign as part of your online marketing plan. The basicsFirst, the basic facts: Autoresponders are, literally, automated email messages. Autoresponder campaigns involve using these automatic messages to communicate to existing and potential customers. They’re also useful for gathering and storing email data lists, promoting your brand, ... Read more

Five reasons your email subject line doesn’t work

If you're running an email marketing campaign that's getting some results, but not the results you want, it's time to try something new. Is it possible you're doing something wrong? Are there any other ways to get those open rates trending higher -- and by the end of the week? Check out these tips for what you should stop doing right away. 1. It's too long. Your subject line is not a sentence. And it never should be. Keep it ... Read more

Offline Marketing-Prospect Lists

Everyone is on a mailing list. Hell, we are all on lots of mailing lists! We hate getting unsolicited mail, we curse, we crumple the offers up, and we bitch about the needless destruction of forests for the paper used to send us the junk mail. But wait...what happens when it stops arriving? Doesn’t anybody care about us anymore?   True story – many years ago Canada Post offered residential customers the option to place a sticker on their mailboxes proclaiming ... Read more

How to White List CAP Content

Here at, we fully support all email applications’ efforts to block spam and junk email. That increased security, however, means that you’ll probably have to “whitelist” CAP to make sure you’re receiving our newsletters and email content. That means going into your email options and adding our newsletter email address,, to your list of whitelisted addresses. And here’s how to do just that: Outlook 1. ... Read more

Bob Rains Q&A: The Value of Lists and Online Marketing ROI

Every other Monday, online marketing guru Bob Rains visits CAP with an exclusive advice column aimed at providing you with all you need to know about Internet marketing — from affiliate program best practices to search engine optimization, and all points in between.  Bob Rains Q&A for December 15, 2008  Question: Lists? Is it worth investigating buying and using lists?  Bob Rains: My gut response is no. I have always hated sig lists, and personally I think it is a ... Read more
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