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How Affiliates Can Tie Paid Advertising to Email

When email was born back in 1993, it only served the purpose of communication. Today, it has grown to be an integral part in the grander scheme of things, particularly in the marketing world.

On the other hand, paid advertising is a staple in the online marketing world. Before, online ads were put up to solely increase brand awareness and sales. Today, they also serve another purpose.

When email marketing and paid advertising is tied together, it brings about plenty of opportunities to an affiliate marketer. This tie up goes over and across the purpose of communication. Instead, marketers can use this to keep visitors engaged, re-target ads and hopefully, acquire new referrals for companies.

Here’s how a smart affiliate marketer can go about it:

1. Email List Building

Paid advertising isn’t only for acquiring new visitors, it is also about retaining repeat buyers. The combination of email and paid advertising will allow affiliates to earn commissions through collecting email addresses and referring them to companies.

On Facebook, for example, Custom Audiences will allow you to collect email addresses, which is the most essential part of the entire process. From there, you can employ an effective email marketing campaign where you can send follow-up emails to the visitors, encouraging them to push that “buy” button (which is also related to the second point).

2. Present a Call to Action

When you have the email addresses down, know that not all of those visitors will buy from the company you are referring or are ready to make a purchase. This is where email opens become useful.

Through sending emails to the addresses you collected from the paid ads, you’ll see if the visitor actually opens the email. If he or she does, this equates to interest, which is something you must capitalize on.

This means that you should take further steps, like showing them an optimized follow up message to make them take action.

3. Get Subscriptions

Every visitor is different. There are those who respond to ads better and there are those who respond to emails better. Tying up these two things allows you to cover both grounds.

Given that the group of visitors is leaning towards the email side, make sure you work on your visitor signups or subscriptions. This way, you can optimize the subscriptions to yield better results.

On the other hand, if your paid ads aren’t as effective as pulling in revenue, know that they still serve a purpose. And that is to pull in site visitors to sign up with you (your secondary goal).

If the pairing is executed properly, you will be in a better position in reaching out to your visitors and eventually, earning more. You will have a multitude of goals in the palm of your hand and that’s without saying that you are only using two marketing techniques to achieve it all.