As a gaming affiliate, an email marketing campaign can work wonders for your business. The trick is to send out the most effective email that will engage your recipients, and ultimately lead them to your site.

Here are six email tips that every affiliate should know.

Write a Meaningful Subject Line

If your subject line is vague — or even worse, if it’s too wordy — you have missed your first opportunity to connect with a potential client.  Take a moment to write a subject line that accurately—but simply—describes your email and its intention. Avoid using words that might trigger spam filters such as free, bonus, or the $ sign.  And whenever possible, personalize the subject line with the recipient’s first and last name to encourage opening.

Keep the Message Focused

Emails can have great content, but without a clear message of what you want the reader to do, they become useless. Ensure that your call to action is prominent and clear—along with easy to follow instructions on how to do the action. Keep your email short to avoid scrolling, and don’t use a lot of different fonts and colors. Images without a lot of text may flag the email as spam, while embedded Flash might trigger some anti-virus programs.

Avoid Attachments

Rather than attaching a file that your reader will have to download and open separately, email works best when you include the most relevant text in the body. Try to reduce the number of steps your recipient will have to take in order to open your message. Also, email attachments consume a lot of bandwidth, can carry viruses and don’t always translate correctly on portable devices.

Identify Yourself Clearly

When emailing someone for the first time, always include your name, company name and any other important identification information in the first few sentences. Include a link to your blog or website (something that doesn’t require your recipient to log in first), and always conduct yourself professionally. Be personable, but formal in your introduction. Remember, these are potential clients. A friendship can come later.


Make sure that your emails not only look professional, but are grammatically correct and typo-free. Use standard capitalization and spelling, and avoid text jargon, i.e. “thx 4 ur attn.” Skip lines between paragraphs, and avoid fancy typefaces. Don’t depend upon bold font or large size to add nuances, as this can come off as too sales-y (and can trigger spam filters). And use your spell check as the final task before you send.

Don’t Always Self-Promote

If you’re using emails to grow your affiliate business, you should self-promote but only to a certain degree. If all you ever send is shameless self-plugs, your emails might as well be spam, as they give little value or enjoyment to your recipients. You should know your audience by now and what they’re interested in. Email funny pictures, human interest stories, etc., even if they don’t all relate to the gaming industry. Then when you do email business offers or dryer content, they’ll be better received.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, let us know in our Email Marketing Tips forum thread!


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