Affiliate marketing experts have been saying for years that “The money’s in the list” – so it’s a safe bet to say that if your list has fewer subscribers than your high school shop teacher had fingers, you aren’t making as much money as you could with your casino affiliate website. Consider the following ten tips on how to take your email list from puny to performing:

Tip #1 – Offer a bonus. Most people aren’t willing to simply hand over their email addresses – they want something out of the exchange as well. Offering a free ebook, newsletter subscription or other exclusive bonus related to casinos or gambling is pretty much mandatory these days when it comes to growing your list.

Tip #2 – Make it easy to join. Give your readers as many opportunities to subscribe to your list as possible. This means having a subscription form on your homepage, on your most popular pages and on each of your social networking profiles. Wherever your visitors are, be in front of their faces with an opt-in form.

Tip #3 – Use confirmed opt-in. Although your conversion rates may suffer slightly, setting up your autoresponder using confirmed opt-in permissions protects you from unwanted spam complaints that could shut down your account altogether. Don’t build your entire email marketing campaign on the shaky ground of single opt-ins.

Tip #4 – Segment your list. Whenever possible, break your list down into smaller segments based on preferred game, subscriber level or other criteria. This allows you to better tailor each message you send out to the needs and wants of each segment, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

Tip #5 – Clarify your expectations. Don’t tell your list that you’re going to email every month or so and then spam your subscribers’ inboxes three times a day. By stating your expected delivery schedule and anticipated content types up front, you’ll prevent opt-outs due to mismatched expectations.

Tip #6 – Use engaging titles. Just because you got someone to subscribe to your list doesn’t mean that your email will get noticed amongst all the other messages that reader receives. Follow basic copywriting principles to develop engaging subject lines that will interest your readers and result in more email opens.

Tip #7 – Watch your spam score. Including too many links or trigger words in your emails could result in your messages being caught by spam filters. Fortunately, most email marketing services automatically calculate a “spam score” that will let you know whether or not your message is likely to get caught, so be sure to check this number before you hit send.

Tip #8 – Provide HTML and plain text versions of your email. Yes, it’s true that most people are able to read HTML emails, but there might still be subscribers on your list who can’t, as well as those who prefer to read plain text messages. Don’t sweat it – it only takes a few minutes to create a plain text version of your HTML messages, and doing so will ensure that all of your subscribers are happy campers.

Tip #9 – Periodically re-confirm your permissions. According to Joseph Manna, writing for the InfusionSoft blog, “Permission typically expires after nine months, so it’s a good idea to ask people to confirm their interest in receiving your emails and offers.” Scrubbing your email list every so often also prevents you from paying for subscribers that have lost interest in your messages.

Tip #10 – Use a reputable email marketing service. Although there are free email autoresponder programs out there, they suffer next to their paid alternatives in deliverability, reliability and features – all of which are crucial to the success of your email marketing program. Do yourself – and your casino affiliate email marketing campaign – a favor and stick with one of the “Big Four” paid autoresponder programs: Aweber, ConstantContact, GetResponse or MailChimp.


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