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Is Brazil iGaming's Last Frontier?

One of the biggest economic triumphs of the 21st Century is taking place right now the country of Brazil.
Over the last few years, the world’s fifth largest country has been experiencing incredible economic growth (as much as 7% a year). Though things have slowed down recently, Brazil’s boom that’s brought a host of middle class comforts, like Internet access, to a population that’s readily embraced them.
Brazil’s success story helped the country nab a sporting coup; both the 2014 World Cup Soccer Tournament and the 2016 Summer Olympics.
All this growth is great news for gambling affiliates who are looking to grab a piece of one of the last remaining, truly untapped igaming markets. If you’re thinking about taking a run at Brazil, here are a few facts you’ll want to consider.
iGaming & Brazilian Law
Internet gambling is currently legal under Brazilian law, despite some serious opposition from government officials. Attempts to ban online gambling outright failed in both 2008 and 2010 and it’s unlikely that a ban will occur anytime soon, thanks to emergence of banking giant, Caixa Econômica Federal.
Caixa runs the Brazilian National Lottery and is very interested in expanding their offerings to include sports betting. And given the giant events heading their way, that’s no surprise.
As of this writing, offshore gambling sites are currently permitted to serve the Brazilian market.
Brazilian Smart Phone/Internet Penetration
Despite the poverty that still grips much of the nation, Brazilians have are avid Internet users. As of summer 2012, a full 42% of the country’s 205 million citizens had web access of some kind.
Brazilians have also embraced cell phone and smart phones as a viable alternative to the country’s less-than-stellar telecommunications infrastructure. Currently, around 87% of Brazilians are cell phone subscribers and around 12% of those are smartphone users.
While 12% smartphone penetration may sound low to Americans and Europeans, it’s quite high for the region and is double what it was last year at this time. In short, affiliates who are looking for a mobile market that’s ready to explode should start learning Portuguese.
Internet Gambling in South America
Despite a history of technology and gaming that goes back thousands of years, most forms of sports betting haven’t really taken off in South America, yet. A lot of that had to do with widespread poverty and the far reaching influence of the Roman Catholic Church, but things are definitely changing.
A recent report from Research and Markets suggests that the Latin American online gambling market could expand to around $150 billion annually over the next decade or so. There’s no question that the future of igaming in the Western Hemisphere is going to be centered around Brazil.
Promoting Brazilian iGaming
Here are a few programs that are are already serving the Brazilian market.
 YouWin – As the affiliate operator for, YouWin is the perfect connection for grabbing Brazilian sports bettors. They’ve got a great reputation in the industry and offer players a 100% deposit bonus, up to $100. CAP readers can enjoy a 50% revenue share for their first three months with the program.
William Hill Online – One of the most trusted names in UK online gambling is also active in the Brazilian market. William Hill offers a host of Brazilian sports betting options that make great content for sports betting affiliates. They offer competitive bonuses for players and competitive, reliable, revenue for affiliate partners.