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Zynga Launches Social Slots Game

Zynga’s upcoming Elite Slots release shows, yet again, that the company is serious about getting into the real money gambling (RMG) space.
The struggling gaming firm has sunk plenty of resources into the Facebook-based, social slots game and is hoping to make it the centerpiece of their RMG suite.
In Elite Slots, up to 150 players simultaneously spin slot reels in the hopes of winning virtual prizes and defeating video game-style bosses. Winning spins help knock down the bosses and players can also interact with one another while spinning.
Zynga has been struggling to come up with new revenues since their disappointing IPO earlier this year and have been looking hard at RMG options, including a Nevada gaming license.
Elite Slots could actually be a good fit for the UK gaming market where social-oriented bingo games are a big hit and RMG apps on Facebook are legal. But whether RMG players are willing to spend real money for virtual pets and costumes remains to be seen.
Do social slots games on Facebook have a real money future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.