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College Football Bowl Season Content & Social Media Tips

College football’s bowl season is a 35-game, 70-team, month-long mini-season that gives sportsbook affiliates a last crack at converting college football bettors. That bevvy of bowls covers a huge range of fans and is the perfect way to kick-start your social media efforts in a big way.

College Bowl Content

While nowhere near as popular as NCCA Basketball pools, College football bowl pools draw plenty of participants in offices across America. These casual gamblers are always on the lookout for easy-to-read pick ’em content.

Unlike hardcore bettors, casual bowl players aren’t looking for technical, jargon-filled content. Post up some bullet pointed bowl picks and a few links to your FAQs, and you just might pick up some unexpected conversions.

If you’re going after the serious betting audience. Give your bowl match ups lavish treatment. Remember, a lot bowl match-ups are between teams that never meet in the regular season.

That means everyone’s going to be looking for well-researched content that makes breaking down head-to-heads as easy as possible. This audience know what they’re looking for and are the perfect targets for your best bonus promotions.

Promoting College Bowls on Social Media

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your feet wet in social media, college bowl season is the perfect time to jump in. With so many schools in the mix, there’s no shortage of social media engagement opportunities at your fingertips.

Twitter users can easily search hashtags to find fans who are enthusiastic about their team’s bowl appearance. It’s perfectly acceptable to Tweet these folks with a link to your bowl preview. This is exactly the kind of social engagement that is part of Google’s big picture plans for Page Ranking.

College Bowl Affiliate Promotions

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College bowl season is a compacted opportunity to try out new conversion tactics in a very short time. With so many regular college football bettors getting ready to shut down for the season, this is also your chance to sell them on other betting opportunities.

How do you prepare for college bowl season? Share your tips in the comments section below.