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Brazil: On Samba, Carnivals and Doing Business

Why Brazil?
Close your eyes and imagine the most exotic place in the world, picture the most ideal form of paradise on earth that you can think of. Are you done? It probably involved great weather, carnivals with half naked should-be-supermodels dancing in the streets, tropical fruity drinks in a never-ending party. If your image was nothing like that, it just means that you haven’t seen and/or read enough about Brazil, because if there was to be a paradise on Earth Brazil would definitely be it.
The introduction of the internet, substantial foreign investment, and the implementation progressive development strategies has enabled payment processing via credit and debit cards, a luxury that affiliates won’t find in the rest of Latin American countries. Added to that, consider that the online gaming market in Brazil generates about $165 million in revenue a year, and that some of that could go into your pocket if you were to invest in this market. So if your question was “why Brazil?” all we can say is: WHY NOT!?
Legal Status
Even though Brazil doesn’t grant licenses to online gambling operators anywhere in the world, there are no laws that ban citizens from playing at offshore/foreign casinos. Therefore, online gambling is partly legal in Brazil due to the fact that you can promote foreign casinos to Brazilians as much as you want to.
Brazil: A Business Carnival
The first step for breaking into any igaming market is to understand the place you are targeting. Brazil, in particular, is a place with a diverse set of cultures which range from African to European heritage to the indigenous Brazilian influences, and all of these legacies are reflected in today’s way of living, interacting, and doing business. Brazil is a rising world power, with very progressive ways that are supported and implemented by the local government.
This following video is a short and entertaining introduction to samba, the famous Brazilian carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and to the geographical and cultural complexity of the country.

This video is a great display of the culture and of Brazilian players’ interests. When doing business with Brazilians one must take into account that the organization, preparation and creation of such a majestic event like Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is a reflection of great discipline, timely delivery, keen dedication and fraternity. Casino affiliates should keep in mind that when doing business in Brazil they will be required to follow the fast pace and the discipline that characterizes the Brazilian ways of doing business.
Eu não falo português…
If you didn’t get that heading, we were right: you don’t speak Portuguese. The reason many casino affiliates are wary of venturing into the Brazilian market is because the country’s official language is rare. Even for those who are already doing business in Latin America, Brazil presents a new challenge: speaking Portuguese, a language found in very few and rare countries (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe).
However, in the globalized world we live in today language is no longer a valid excuse for not visiting a country and it definitely doesn’t justify you for missing out on a the profits of a juicy iGaming market. Casino affiliates can use tools like the language niche dominator to learn how to manage their website in a foreign language and make the best of it.
Of course we also encourage you to learn new languages and expand your cultural and oral skills (that wasn’t meant to be funny so stop giggling). This task will be hard, but it will be highly rewarding and will open many doors for you, professionally, intellectually and monetarily.
There are no excuses left for not doing business in Brazil, but if you can think of any feel free to share them in the comments section below and/or at our forums. We guarantee that we’ll do our best to address and answer all of your questions, concerns and comments.