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Google Issues New Link Scheme Warnings

Google has issues a new set of link scheme warnings that are designed to curb excessive, low-quality guest blogging efforts and advertorials.

Most of the new warnings, which only appeared recently, shouldn’t be too shocking to anyone who follows Google closely, but knowing them is important nonetheless. If you’re still re-building link networks, here’s what you need to know.

Guest Blogging

Plenty of SEOs who whose paid link networks disintegrated during the Penguin updates have turned to large-scale guest blogging as an alternative, and Google doesn’t like that. Google is gunning for guest blogs that are link-heavy, low quality, and clearly in it for the links.


There’s a fine line between content and advertising and Matt Cutts wants SEOs sitting squarely on the content side of that line. Cutts and company have been very clear about the dangers of pushing native advertising a bit too far.

How serious is Google about the advertorial line? Back in February they hit Interflora, a UK-based online florist with a major penalty for advertorial abuse. If they’re willing to go after big retailers, everyone else is fair game.

Optimized Press Releases

Another shortcut Google’s looking to cut out entirely is the use of over-optimized press releases. Press releases are another form of content that veers towards advertising and plenty of web publishers have been abusing the practice.

Google suggests adding a no-follow tag to optimized press releases before posting them for distribution.

Staying Ahead of Penalties

The important thing for content creators to remember is that all content has to be high quality and it has to offer something of value to the end-user. Web-publishers should also familiarize themselves with the basics of the no-follow and canonical tags, too.

Will these new guidelines change your link-building strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.