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Is August a Great Month for Online Poker?

In the world of land-based casino play, August is a big month for big money tournaments. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have no problem finding a spot at an August tournament where millions of dollars are in play.
In a recent article on titled, Once Quiet, August is Suddenly a Big Month for Poker, blogger Jason Kirk outlines the incredible array of tournaments land-based players have access to as summer wanes.
Kirk’s article got us thinking about some recent developments in the online poker world that could help casino affiliates cash in on some additional revenue during the dog days of summer.
America the Beautiful
The emergence of the regulated American online gambling market could, potentially, be one of the best things to happen to poker affiliates in a long time. (And these are some folks who are seriously in need of good news.)
In Nevada, online pioneer Ultimate Gaming is about its first taste of competition with the opening of the South Point Casino’s new Real Gaming, real money poker site. It’s all that hot, hot competition in the Nevada market has the potential to make turn August into a pretty decent month.
Online Tournaments
As July winds down, there’s no shortage of online poker tournaments to promote in conjunction with whatever coverage you’re giving to all those land-based tournaments.
For example, the Game King Championship that’s through August is the first-ever cross-platform online poker tournament. Any content you can come up with to promote this tournament is a good opportunity to convert new mobile players.
Social Poker
Fortunes are shifting in the social poker world with a serious drift towards social casinos with real money gaming (RMG) potential. One indicator of this shift is the recent news that DoubleDown Casino is now the highest-earning social casino on Facebook.
DoubleDown’s success is definitely good news for the casino affiliate business. After all, DoubleDown is owned by International Gaming Technology (IGT) and they’re clearly gearing up for RMG applications.
What’s more, all that revenue DoubleDown made in the last year – around $61.4 million – shows that social players are more than willing to part with a few pennies for their online play. (And when you’re talking social players, a few pennies is no exaggeration.)
If you’ve never dabbled in social poker sites before, August is the perfect time to get started.
Between rapid smartphone penetration and a slew of mobile poker apps, online poker players are never far from the tables, even when they’re on vacation with the family or sitting by the pool.
How’s August looking for your poker sites? Share your view with the CAP community in the comments section below.