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Gambling Affiliate Beginner's Guide

Chapter 7: How to Drive Traffic and Result in Converting Players
Building your casino gaming affiliate revenue stream is solely dependent on getting visitors to your site and convincing them to deposit with a casino once they’re there. This process is called conversion and it’s the heart and soul of the affiliate marketing game.
So what’s the key to conversion? Converting players is all about finding ways of providing site visitors with what’s known as the value proposition. This is your way of telling them that you’re a site that’s actually worth doing business with.
Your value proposition could be anything from high quality content (more about this in a bit) to popular promotions like bonus codes. It can even be more complex promotions like poker or slots tournaments.
Website design is another big factor in creating conversions. Keeping your site clean and easy to read makes it easy for your customers to find your call to action (the point where you ask them to click on a link to your affiliate partner).
A clean, well designed site builds credibility in a way that flashing, cluttered gimmicks never will.
You’ll also want to keep a close accounting of site metrics like page views and average visit times. If you can handle something a little more advanced, take a look at heat mapping software that can tell you exactly which parts of your site are most appealing to viewers. In short, there are plenty of tools out there to help you figure out exactly what’s working and what’s not working.
But nothing provides more value, for you and your customers, than quality content. High quality content that helps your players feel like you’re giving them a winning edge is, by far, the best method for converting players.
Remember, you’re not looking for someone who will come by your site once, convert and never return. It just doesn’t work that way. You may need them to visit you multiple times before they trust you enough to click on your affiliate links.
High quality content is also a means for climbing up the ranks of Google’s ultra-competitive page rankings. The search engine giant has been on a mission to improve web content and are placing an increased emphasis on quality content when determining rankings and relevance.
Find out more about conversion strategies by reading Conversion Tips from Bryan Eisenberg.