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Gambling Affiliate Beginner's Guide

Chapter 5: Keys to Managing a Relationship with your Affiliate Program & How To Manage Multiple Affiliate Programs
Successful affiliate marketers don’t just have a great relationship with their customers, they maintain great relationships with their affiliate partners, too. When you’re just getting started, you might find that you’re not necessarily your affiliate manager’s top priority. Don’t let this discourage your casino marketing efforts.
Developing a good relationship with your affiliate partners takes time and the best way of getting their attention is by behaving like a professional. Affiliate managers are happy to answer questions, but no one wants to spend time answering questions whose answers are readily available on site FAQ’s.
Building traffic and converting players are the best ways of attracting your affiliate managers’ attention. For more information on this subject, check out How to Get Your Affiliate Manager to Like You.
Managing your affiliate programs is a time consuming job that gets even more complex when you’re juggling a number of different programs. That, however, shouldn’t discourage you from working with multiple programs in range of different industries.
In fact, thanks to the ups and downs of the gaming industry, it’s highly recommended that you diversify your affiliate portfolio to include several programs across multiple industries. Once you’ve got a feel for how affiliate marketing works in the gaming take a look at other complimentary affiliate marketing programs in industries like Forex and Binary Options. Every gambler will tell you that covering your bets is always a good idea.