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Gambling Affiliate Beginner's Guide

Chapter 3: Understanding iGaming Software
In most internet industries the customers don’t know, or care, about what kind of software their favorite website is running on. That’s not the case with online casino players. Different casinos run on different gaming platforms and many players are very particular about which one they’ll play with.
Most online casinos run on one of the big three gaming platforms Microgaming; PlayTech or RealTime Gaming. New gaming affiliate need to familiarize themselves with these products because gaming platforms are such a big deal for players. Here’s a quick look at what pros and cons of each one.
Microgaming – This company’s been around since 1994, an eternity in Internet time, and has earned a good reputation with players and affiliates. Microgaming games are known for great graphics and a huge variety of choice, though they can sometimes be memory hogs. Many players prefer sites running on this platform because Microgaming closely regulates their licensee.
PlayTech – Having creating igaming innovations like Live Deal Play, PlayTech is known as  something of an innovator in the industry. If you’re focusing on blackjack, you’ll definitely want to take a look at PlayTech’s huge variety of games.
RealTimeGaming (RTG) – Though they’re nowhere near as big as their competitors, RTG is worth taking a look at because of how they handle pay tables. Unlike PlayTech or Microgaming, RTG allows its licensees to change the odds on the games they offer. This isn’t exactly a selling point for more experienced players who are looking for any edge they can find.
Software is a consideration when selecting casino partners, so you’ll want to do plenty of research before making a final decision.
For a more in-depth comparison of the main gaming platforms, check out Microgaming vs. Playtech: A Comparison.