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Gambling Affiliate Beginner's Guide

Chapter 4: What To Know When Choosing an Affiliate Program
If ever there’s a time to be detail-oriented, it’s when you’re selecting a casino affiliate partner. With dozens of different programs to choose from, differentiating one from another can be difficult.
No matter how challenging it seems, we cannot overstress the importance of doing plenty of research before committing to working with a particular program.
To help you get started there are a number of industry watchdog sites like Affiliate Guard Dog and, of course, Casino Affiliate Programs that rate and certify various programs. Spend some time reading the forums on these sites and you’ll quickly get an idea of which programs are on the up and up.
You’ll also want to take very close look at the Terms & Conditions document associated with each program. The devil’s in the details and these documents are full of details. Some casino partners aren’t exactly affiliate friendly, so you’ll want to spend some time taking a look at our list of rogue affiliate programs.
For more help researching casino affiliate partners, CAP’s complete casino affiliate directory takes a lot of the pain out of comparing various programs.