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Breathe New Life into Your Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to crafting an effective content marketing strategy the toughest part is coming up with the actual content. That’s a problem that gets even tougher the longer you’re actually implementing your strategy.

While coming up with content is relatively easy, coming up with relevant content that sparks action from your readers over a long period of time is actually incredibly challenging. That’s why every publisher on the web, no matter how big or small, needs to be constantly working to keep his or her content fresh. This subject was the topic of a recent article by Katy Katz, Director of Account Strategy for Marketing Refresh, on Search Engine Journal. Here are a few of her tips.

Talk to Your Readers
When was the last time you asked your readers what kind of content they wanted? If you haven’t done it lately, or ever, it’s not too late. If you’re not getting feedback from social media channels, you can start soliciting feedback from them right away.

If your social media channels aren’t that robust, don’t hesitate to reach out to regular readers and commentators personally to find out what it is they really want.

Know Your Industry
We’re guessing that you know your business, but do you know your industry? Katz suggests that every web publisher carve out a regular time that’s used specifically for catching up on the news of your industry.

Taking in the big picture may seem like a waste of time to busy entrepreneurs, but it’s not. Knowing the latest industry trends helps you craft more relevant content for your readers, and that’s something that pays off in conversions.

Get Help
If you’re in an office with other people, don’t be shy about scheduling brainstorming sessions to help fill out the content pipeline. If you’re on your own, reach out to others in your industry via message boards, meet-ups and other networking tools.

Working alone is always tough, but working in a vacuum is even worse. So don’t be shy about chatting about content with others.

Your content marketing strategy is one of your best tools for connecting with customers so you always need to keep it relevant. As long as you’re presenting solid, relevant content, your customers will keep coming back.