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Make the Most of SEO with Google’s Knowledge Graph

When it comes to Google search results, even the most casual student knows there’s only so much you can do to influence your ranking. At a certain point, you have to have confidence that your content is good enough to help boost your overall results.

When it comes to Google’s Knowledge Graph, however, content creators may have more influence on the process than they might think. That’s the conclusion SEO Journal contributing writer, and Chief Marketing Officer at Link-Assistant.Com Aleh Barysevich comes to in his recent essay, How to Influence Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Barysevich points out that Knowledge Graph is the tip of the spear in Google’s effort to pivot “from being an information engine [to] a knowledge engine.” That means that when it comes to Knowledge Graph, the company’s vaunted AI is inferring what users want from a particular search and serving it up in a sidebar, a sidebar that occupies some pretty valuable real estate.

Who gets a Knowledge Graph, an why, is one of Google’s state secrets but since everyone knows what goes in them it’s possible to increase your chances of presenting accurate information a Knowledge Graph. One of Barysevich’s recommendations is that content producers keep their Schema Markup current. By filling in your entire Schema Markup, you’ll be presenting Google with all the tools they need to make a wonderful Knowledge Graph about your business.

Because it’s generally known that Google gets Knowledge Graph information from Wikipedia, he also suggests making a Wikipedia page to represent your business.

Finally, businesses that want to up their chances of being represented with a Knowledge Graph should verify all their social media accounts.

Once you’ve got a Knowledge Graph, you’ve arrived. You can suggest changes to Google and, so long as they deal with the facts, you’ll probably get them. If that’s not the best way to get a front page result, we’re not sure what would be.