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Create a Content Marketing Plan That Targets Millennials

Who are the “Millennials” and how can online gambling affiliates craft content marketing strategies that effectively target them? If you can correctly answer that question, you’re on track to opening up your content to a huge swath of incredibly tech-savvy new customers.
Of course cracking the Millennial has been a challenge for marketers in every industry. This is due, in part to some confusion about who the Millennials really are. If you’re not down with the most current demographic trends, here’s what you need to know about Millennials. This demographic segment is, generally, describing a person who was born roughly between the years 1984-1995.
While this generation has frequently been maligned in the media as lazy and unambitious, that’s definitely not the case. This generation is, in fact, extremely entrepreneurial with as many 54 percent of them reporting that they’d like to, or already have, started their own businesses. Milllennials are well aware of how they’ve been portrayed in the media, so don’t buy into the lazy Millennial myth if you’re thinking your going to convert them as customers.
This is a generation that’s very much on the go; isn’t tied down to a bunch of material possessions like houses; and, fortunately for you, are extremely tech savvy.
It’s these last couple of items that are most attractive to casino affiliates who are crafting content marketing strategies to reach this demographic. Millennials are an extremely tech savvy bunch. They rely on their smart phones for everything, including gambling. That means that they are the perfect customers for mobile casinos. Their love of the latest and greatest technology makes them ideal targets for new gaming technologies.
In short, casino affiliates who craft content marketing strategies that emphasize new technologies and mobile casinos have a great shot at converting Millennial players.